Dan Patterson Conservation Area


The Dan Patterson Conservation Area is a multi-use property owned and managed by the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. The area has a rentable pavillion and a restored log cabin of the original land owner, Alexander Patterson. There are some interesting plaques on site for history enthusiasts. There is, of course, also a hiking trail.


3.1 km


  • Easy
  • Not wheelchair accessible

Access Points

Parking is on the corner of Highbury Avenue and Mapleton Line in Elgin County. Click on the ‘Directions’ tab on this page of the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority’s site for a map of the area.

The trail is accessed within the Conservation Area, a short walk from the parking lot.

This pamphlet has a trail map attached. In addition, the picture below is of the trail map which was taken on site.


The trail begins on a wide stone path. Eventually you get to a wetlands restoration project sign, followed by a small footbridge constructed over the creek. I like to turn left and head into the woods where the path follows the river, followed by cutting right through a wide path that cuts through a stand of trees. From there, I exit the woods onto the grassy path and circle the area. In the grassy parts of the trail, butterflies are common. But you can follow the trails any way you wish!

Trail Condition

Good. However, I generally do not hike this area in the spring due to flooding.

Recommended Gear

  • Running/Hiking Shoes
  • Dog Leash for dog owners


Restored cabin of Alexander Patterson


  • If you’re a dog owner, you may wish to visit the Kettle Creek Dog Park adjacent to the conservation area.
  • Dan Patterson Conservation Area hosts the Elgin Historical Show every second weekend in August. The antique show demonstrates pioneer methods of farming.

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