Lake Margaret


Lake Margaret is a privately owned (Doug Tarry Limited) lake in St. Thomas that borders Pinafore Park and the houses of Lake Margaret Estates. The lake was created when a previous gravel pit was filled with water. A mixture of paved and dirt trails surround the lake, making for an an easy, flat, and pleasant walk.


2.5 km




Pinafore Park Access Point –  Enter Pinafore Park off of Elm Street in St. Thomas. The main road through the park is a one-way loop. Drive half of the loop until you can turn right. Turn right and go to the end of the road and park. The trail can be accessed from this parking lot.

Lake Margaret Trail Access Point – Enter “Lake Margaret Trail” into google maps. Once there you’ll see the lake. Park on a side street and you’re good to go!

Lake Margaret St. Thomas


The trail on the north side of Lake Margaret is split between a dirt path surrounded by a naturalized area that takes you to Pinafore Park and a paved section of sidewalk that borders houses along the road “Lake Margaret Trail”. On the east side, you pass by a small park where geese tend to congregate. The south side of the trail is a dirt/gravel path and the west side borders a field that is adjacent to a local secondary school—Parkside Collegiate Institute.

Figure 3 in this document shows a map of the trails surrounding the lake. Beware, however, that while the short trail across from Lake Margaret to the east exists, the trail heading northwest is overgrown and in ill repair. When I hiked it, I had to cross streams and fight my way through brambles. It is essentially a non-trail.


  • Well maintained
  • Easy to navigate as you are simply looping the lake


  • Anything!


Lake Margaret

Naturalized area connecting to Pinafore Park

Lake Margaret Trail

Lake Margaret Estates

Lake Margaret

Lake Margaret – south side

Lake Margaret

Lake Margaret – west side

Lake Margaret

Unmaintained nw trail

Lake Margaret

I got my feet wet!


  • Hike and Picnic – Pinafore Park  has several picnic tables and pavilions at which you can eat. For large groups, you can rent the pavilions. This is also a lovely park to stroll through.

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