Kains Woods


This is one of my favourite hikes in London, Ontario. A well-maintained, scenic, and relatively quiet trail in the city that follows the Thames River through the woods.


5.8 – 7 km (one-way). The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority  states that the trail is 5.8 km. However, if you hike from Kains Woods Road to Oxford Street, my counter clocks in closer to the 7 km mark.


  • Easy
  • Not wheelchair accessible


Kains Woods Map

Kains Road/Westdel Bourne to half-way on trail.

Kains Woods Road  –  There is an access point on the corner of Westdel Bourne and Kains Road. I parked at the gas station (with permission) up the road at the corner of Westdel Bourne and Oxford, however, I believe there is parking at the side of the road at this access point.

Tigerlily Road This map states there is an access point at the end of Tigerlily Road, off of Kains Road. I do not know if parking is allowed on this street.

East Shore Road  – This map states there is an access point at the east end of Shore Road. I do not know if parking is allowed on this street.

Oxford Street West  – Access is on the north side of the road, west of Commissioners, just prior to crossing the Thames River (see map below). Look for the white blaze of the Thames Valley Trail and a sign for Kains Woods. For this access point, I parked on Shore Road, west of Kains Road on the street for free. From there, I walked to the access point (approximately 1 km).

Kains Woods Map

Half-way to Oxford St. W Access


If entering off of Kains/Westdel Bourne, the trail begins with a long straight-shot on a trail that seems mainly used by dog-walkers. It then winds behind a subdivision, passing by a stormwater pond and then enters officially into Kains Woods. The woods follow the Thames River for approximately 5.8 km. The trail is easy and has no significant elevation gains. The scenery is classic Southwestern Ontario woods with glimpses of the Thames River. Despite being in the city, these woods feel isolated and I did not see more than a handful of people on either of my hikes. The trail ends at Oxford Street West.


  • Well maintained (summer overgrowth unknown but anticipated low)
  • Well marked — the trail is easy to follow, however, you can also follow the white blazes of the Thames Valley Trail which take you from the Kains Road/Westdel Bourne access point to the Oxford St. West access point.


  • Running/Hiking Shoes
  • Leash for pets – signs for coyotes being in the area were posted


Kains Woods

Thames River

Kains Woods

Kains Woods

Kains Woods


Click here and here for my experiences hiking Kains Woods in two different sections.


  • Tourism London has information about what to do (outside hiking of course!) while visiting London.
  • Hike with friends then escape the room at Escape Room London. We had a great time doing this!

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